How does JBolt differ from Tinder?

JBolt has matchmakers who review matches before they are made to help people avoid wasting their precious time, effort or money dating incompatible people.  JBolt is focused on helping people who are interested in creating long term relationships.  The focus is on lifestyle and personality compatibility rather than just physical attaction.


What happens after there is mutual interest between two people?

When two people express interest in each other, one of our dedicated matchmakers reviews the match to ensure neither side will be wasting their time.  Once the match is approved, the matchmaker is available for additional advice and support throughout the dating process.


What does the reviewer/matchmaker do after they approve the match?

If either person is interested, they are available to give support and advice, and to reduce misunderstandings. 


Can I speak to my Dedicated Matchmaker?

Yes!  Matchmakers are available to gold members in order to get to know the users better, as well as provide support and advice throughout the dating process if the user wants this.


What is your support email?

[email protected]


Who should I contact if there is a problem with a member?

You can contact [email protected]  If there is a matchmaker involved in a match and it is regarding that specifically, you can of course contact them also.


What is event mode?

Events can be overwhelming and you might miss that perfect person who is attending the same event. JBolt works with partners who help people meet at their event. By turning on event mode at a participating event, you will be able to see all other participants who are attending the event and using the added service.


Is there a cost for the service?

We offer a free membership that allows you to receive a certain number of bolts (swipes) per day as well as a free mutual match.  We offer a premium service which gives you a Dedicated Matchmaker, more swipes per day, mutual matches and a gold membership on one of partner sites.


What can I do for free?

You can receive 10 bolts (swipes) per day and 1 free reviewed mutual match.


What is a partner site?

JBolt is part of a global dating service, which has tens of thousands of participating members in their database. This database of singles is independent from JBolt’s participant database.  In addition, JBolt Gold members can be a Gold member on one of partner sites at no additional charge.  We already have an incredible success rate of 2,500 members married through our service.


How do I sign-up for a partner site?

From the JBolt Settings page, click on the partner site link.  Once you complete a few questions, your partner site experience will begin.


What are the advantages of using the partner site?

A separate database of tens of thousands of singles. Plus over 300 matchmakers, who are available to actively search on your behalf and send you matches.  The profiles of the members are also more detailed.  With more visibility and greater access to quality match suggestions, you increase your chances of meeting that someone special.